Want to experience Amsterdam like a local? Then Citinerary’s just what you need!

Citinerary was founded with the intent to provide visitors another kind of experience. Instead of browsing through your travel guide and visiting the more obvious parts of Amsterdam, Citinerary welcomes you to explore Amsterdam through local citizens to experience how they live in this city, its culture and its lifestyle. Find out about those hidden places, chill out in the park and end up at festivals or get togethers that only a local knows of!

Based upon what you’re after, Citinerary will link you to the most suitable local.
As soon as you’re in Amsterdam, meet and greet the local for a drink and together you will create your personal travel guide containing the best ways to move through town, the best sights to see, the best spots to visit, the best coffee places and all other things that will make your trip unforgettable. It is a unique and valuable experience, unlike any other!

If you’d like to find out more about Citinerary or sign up for a meet & greet, have a look at their website.