General Terms and Conditions

General Terms and Conditions of Stout & Co B.V. in Amsterdam

1. General
Unless expressly agreed otherwise in writing, the following terms and conditions apply to all our reservations and services.

2. Definitions
The following terms shall have the following meaning.

2.1 Stout & Co – Stout & Co BV bed&breakfast

2.2 Service – The provision by Stout & Co of accommodation and/or food and/or drinks and/or the making available of (meeting room) space, always including all related activities and services, and all in the broadest sense of the word.

2.3 Reservation value – Stout & Co‘s total expected turnover with regard to this agreement, based on the average applicable prices at Stout & Co as mentioned in the confirmation made by Stout & Co. If, at the moment of cancellation, some choices are not complete yet, Stout & Co will charge a minimum reservation value.

2.4 Cancellation – The notification to Stout & Co by the guest, in writing, that one or more agreed services will not be used, in whole or in part.

2.5 No-show – Failure by a guest to make use of a service to be rendered on the basis of this agreement, without cancellation.

2.6 Commencing date – The commencing date of a stay is exactly at 14H00 on the day of arrival.

3. Options
Options shall be granted with a predetermined expiry date. An option that is not converted by the guest into an actual reservation before the expiry date shall be deemed to have elapsed without Stout & Co being required to cancel it.

4. Establishment of agreement
Stout & Co has the right to refuse access to the hotel to guests, or to refuse to offer them services, if in its estimation it is in the interests of normal/proper operational management to do so. All quotations and offers made by Stout & Co are without obligation and without reserve, unless agreed otherwise in writing or verbal. Agreements for (a) guest(s) entered into by intermediaries, whether or not in the name of their client, shall be deemed to have also been concluded for the account and risk of that intermediary. Stout & Co shall not owe any commission to intermediaries.

5. Cancellations
The guest is not authorised to cancel an agreement with Stout & Co unless at the same time he irrevocably offers to pay the amounts stipulated below to Stout & Co. Each cancellation shall be considered to constitute such an offer. Such offer shall be deemed to have been accepted if Stout & Co does not immediately reject it. Cancellations must be in writing and dated.

5.1 No show
In the event of a no-show, the guest will in all circumstances be obliged to pay the reservation value.

5.2 Individuals hotel accomodation
If an accommodation booking is made, the following conditions shall apply to the cancellation of that booking:
a. Flexible rate: In the event of cancellation more than 7 days before the commencing date, the guest shall not be required to make any payment to Stout & Co.
b. Flexible rate: In the event of cancellation less than 7 days before the commencing date the guest shall be required to pay 100% of the reservation value to Stout & Co.
c. Non-refundable rate: In the event of cancellation the guest shall be required to pay 100% of the reservation value to Stout & Co.

6. Deposit and (interim) payment
a. Stout & Co has the right to demand an advance payment for its services, as well as an interim payment for services already rendered.
b. Unless agreed otherwise, in writing, payment for services to be rendered or already rendered shall be made in advance.
c. If payment by means other than in advance has been agreed, the guest must settle invoices within 14 days of the invoice date.
d. If and insofar as the guest fails to make payment punctually, he shall be in default without the need for any default notice. In that case, he shall owe Stout & Co all judicial and extrajudicial costs associated with the collection of the debt. The extrajudicial costs are set at a minimum 20% of the principal, subject to a minimum of €150,-. All costs are exclusive of VAT.
e. If the guest is in default, he shall also be required to pay Stout & Co the interest on the amount owed at 2% above the statutory interest rate. When calculating interest, parts of months shall be counted as full months. Lastly, Stout & Co has a right of retention to all items present in the hotel that have been brought there by, or are there on account of, the guest.

7. Liability
Stout & Co accepts no liability for injury to guests. Nor shall Stout & Co be liable for damage to or loss of goods brought to Stout & Co by a guest who has taken up residence there. The guest shall indemnify Stout & Co against any related claims by guests. The above shall not apply if the damage or the loss and/or injury are attributable to intent or gross negligence on the part of Stout & Co. The guests shall be jointly liable for all acts by any one of them which results in damage to or loss of goods and/or injury to Stout & Co, persons working for Stout & Co and/or third parties, as well as for all damages caused by any animal and/or any substance and/or any item in their possession that are under their supervision.
On all reservations the Uniforme Voorwaarden Horeca (UVH) supplementary apply.

8. Rates
Non-refundable rate: The basic price is from € 184,00 per room per night.
Flexible rate: The basic price is from € 219,00 per room per night.

Seasonal and weekend surcharges may apply. Rates are including Dutch VAT but exclusive of 10% CityTax (tourist tax) & breakfast of € 18,50 per person per day.

9. House rules
All rooms are double rooms; maximum two occupants per room; all rooms are non smoking rooms; arrival time between 14H00 and 19H00; departure time before 11H00 on weekdays; departure time before 12H00 on Saturday and Sunday; pets are not allowed.

Last edited February 2020